Giuseppe Zanotti Unveils First Ever Customizable Sneaker

Giuseppe Zanotti Unveils First Ever Customizable Sneaker

We talk to the legendary shoe designer about his first-ever DIY venture.

We talk to the legendary shoe designer about his first-ever DIY venture.

Text: Danielle Combs

Giuseppe Zanotti has created some of the most well-crafted sneakers and pumps in the game, becoming choice footwear for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé, among others. Now, in a fun twist for the SS18 season, the designer is letting his customers take over with the introduction of his first-ever customizable sneaker. Entitled the Alena Star, the glittering low-top sneaker comes with an array of stars encrusted in dark grey crystals that can be attached or removed from the shoe. These stars are also available in metallic silver and bold colorful shades that can transform the shoes to fit a different mood. This is a big step for the designer that has the potential to expand into further DIY freedom, so we talked with Zanotti himself to dive into his creative process and find out his plans for the future.

How did you decide on making a customizable sneaker? 

For the holiday season, I wanted to give my customers the opportunity of being creative and personalize their sneaker with their favorite stars.

What type of woman do you envision wearing the sneaker? 

Definitely a cool, irreverent woman who loves to feel special wearing sparkling shoes.

What is your process like when designing a shoe? 

The first step is to look at what’s happening around me. I try to absorb the energy from different arts. Fashion is now, not only in clothing but in design—interior design, car design, everywhere. I work to transform these elements into shoes. Then I sketch, no matter where I am, I always have my notebook and pens. I sketch all the time. Once the sketch is ready, I work closely with skilled artisans to bring the design to life.

Your latest sneakers exude a sense of playfulness and charm. What inspired your design? 

Through crystal embellished stars, I wanted to create a sense of lightness, playfulness and joy. I combined one of our classic sneakers with pops of festive whimsy.

Do you plan to design future shoes that are customizable as well? 

This is definitely the first step toward a bigger project. I love the fact that my clients can be their own stylists and can personalize shoes in their own way.


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