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If you turn on the TV, scroll through social media or engage in general conversation, COVID-19 has noticeably taken over. While it is virtually impossible to ditch all technology at the moment, Carineh Martin and Arianne Phillips recognize that social media should be a positive source to bring culture and communities together. As a former luxury-brand marketing executive and current costume designer and stylist, these industry experts got together back in 2017 to figure out, “What we could do to leverage our experiences, our relationships, and our expertise” to help people in need. V was able to speak with the co-founders of Red Carpet Advocacy, Arianne Phillips and Carineh Martin on how the RAD platform has been launched since its debut in January 2019.

Unfortunately, like many events, red carpets have been put on hold. Prior to the viral outbreak, the social enterprise utilized high profile events to elevate numerous charitable causes. Through their service, a celebrity identifies a charity they would like to support and the brands they partner with are asked to donate to their cause. The end result is a promotion on an international scale for both parties involved plus a RAD donation to the intended charity. 

RAD enjoys bringing talent to brands who have already fostered organic relationships. Martin explains it as, “Two entities that already have a mutual admiration for one another, now connected emotionally through cause.” With that newfound cause, Carineh and Arianne bring talent and brands together through purpose, not just through promotion.

Arianne Phillips and Carineh Martin, founders of advocacy agency RAD, in Los Angeles, Calif., on January 28, 2019. (Maggie Shannon/The New York Times)

Although the world is adapting to the online shift, Arianne emphasizes, “The heart of RAD is creating digital campaigns.” Think of this relaunch as a reset, with the recognition that this planet does not need us—we need it. RAD will continue to advocate, promote, and raise money for the charities that celebrities and brands believe in. This shift attracts a different response than an award show, event, or launch but, “leveraging those eyeballs through social media” is just as engaging and equally impactful Phillips noted.

“The best part is we don’t pick the charities, the talent does.” Carineh adds, “Arianne and I are constantly learning about new organizations.” Likewise, fans are educated about a new charity, new cause, or new organization through someone they admire.

While it’s not just about the size of the platform, this exposure results in a higher likelihood for engagement… and that’s where Carineh and Arianne’s expertise step in. Powering that engagement towards progress, the RAD platform is very interactive for all those involved. The co-founders agreed that ” We find that so many people want to get involved, but don’t know-how. There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to navigate.”

From this feedback, The RAD Platform is easy, fun to navigate, educational, and generating a spectacular response. With their platform, people are realizing that there are so many ways to GiVeThis relaunch is an organic change, cultivating conversations with their followers and partners. Asking tough questions like “Where are we going to be after this global pandemic?” Shaping the RAD world they hope to live in post-COVID-19, Carineh and Arianne are using their platform to also highlight everyday role models deserving of the celebrity and red carpet treatment. 

If you want to have a say in what the RAD new world is going to look like or are interested in learning about how you can become a #RADVOCATE, click here.

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