GiVe: LVMH Takes The Lead In Charity Donations

GiVe: LVMH Takes The Lead In Charity Donations

GiVe: LVMH Takes The Lead In Charity Donations

The conglomerate has made its most sizable contribution towards the fight against the global coronavirus pandemic. But there is more.

The conglomerate has made its most sizable contribution towards the fight against the global coronavirus pandemic. But there is more.

Text: Valerie Stepanova

With most of the global population now spending their days and nights at home — some working from home, others less fortunate losing their jobs — the pandemic continues to create a sense of hopelessness and uncertainty the world over. But nobody feels the crisis as acutely as those who work in the medical industry, where doctors and nurses choose to risk their lives on the daily to save hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of others. In an attempt to raise awareness and honor the charitable efforts of companies and organizations around the world, we over here at V want to spotlight those who go above and beyond in doing their part and making invaluable contributions towards various COVID relief initiatives.

As of today, LVMH takes center stage: last week, the French luxury conglomerate has made its most sizable charity donation to date. A ‘major contribution’ made to La Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris — Hôpitaux de France (FHP-HF) was announced on the French charity’s Instagram account this past Thursday, April 9. Founded in 1989, FHP-HF funds more than 15,400 projects in French hospitals.

Though LVMH spokesman declined to provide any additional details on the topic, a source familiar with the group said the corporation has contributed “several tens of millions of euros” that will go towards helping 52 hospitals in France and overseas. 

“Thank you very much to the LVMH group for its major contribution to this decisive phase in our support towards hospitals,” the charity’s post said.

Additionally, LVMH has pledged close to $2.3 million in local currency to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation in late January. That money went towards helping alleviate the urgent medical supplies shortage in Wuhan.

In February, the LVMH-owned jeweler Bulgari pitched in with a donation to the research department of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in Rome — one of the first medical teams to isolate the DNA of the deadly COVID-19 disease. The conglomerate has also ordered 40 million masks from a Chinese industrial supplier to address medical supply shortages in French hospitals. Additionally, the Louis Vuitton parent company has converted its perfumes and cosmetics production units — namely those used to produce fragrances for the houses of Guerlain, Givenchy and Christian Dior — to manufacture and distribute large quantities of hydroalcoholic gel. The production plan has proved to be a huge success and is now averaging 60 tons a week.

Louis Vuitton and Baby Dior employees have also started producing masks in France. Leveraging its sourcing and logistics power, the group has also purchased 261 additional respirators from China to address a shortage in French hospitals. Last but not least, the LVMH-owned upscale grocery store La Grande Epicerie de Paris has donated 4,000 chocolate Easter eggs to French hospital workers and their children to thank them for their tireless efforts to care for the sick.

V and VMAN are honoring charities that have only amplified their mission statements to ensure that those most affected by COVID-19 are supported. For those in the position to, we have included links in which you can lend a helping hand. Check out some more charities to donate to, below. 

Boys and Girls Club of America: Click here to help keep kids in a safe environment that allows for learning, playing and growing during the coronavirus.

CDC Foundation: Click here to help the CDC be prepared to strengthen security needs and immediate COVID-19 responses.

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Continue supporting families who have children with serious illnesses. You can donate here.

First Book: Click here to ensure kids are engaged in learning by providing with e-books and books to enjoy while out of school.

Meals on Wheels: Click here to lend a virtual hand and assist vulnerable seniors who are at higher risk of catching the infectious virus.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: With people confined to their homes, victims are more susceptible to domestic abuse. Click here for different ways to offer support during these times.


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