Beauty products my mom can’t get enough of from my arsenal.

A month and some change into lockdown and here we are. You’re probably somewhere you consider home. I’ve been spending the most time I’ve spent with my mom since she probably gave birth to me. Although I’m no longer a needy infant, she needs me to need her and refuses to share her recipes for soups, pickled vegetables and bread. She has no shame admitting to this sentiment. “When you’re hungry, you’ll think of me, miss me and call me.” In return, I’ve given her the keys to my beauty arsenal, with complete license to play. And fine. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I’ll just let her keep her favorites and maybe steal it back later. Here are some gift ideas for your mom, approved by mine.

Collezione Privata Jazzy Twist

Collezione Privata Jazzy Twist

She sprays this fragrance around herself like it’s chilled rose water on a hot summer day. She lets out a little giggle that turns to a slow and wide smile when she’s done with her spritz. She’s in a state of euphoria. Makes me wonder if she found my stash of edibles.


Since she laid her eyes on my Refa Swarovski encrusted face roller, my mother doesn’t bother to greet me with a hug and the usual “Good Morning darling!” It’s been replaced with, “Where’s that face roller? No. Not that one. I mean the one with all the diamonds.”

La Prairie White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire

I usually reserve my White Caviar liquid diamonds for “Feel Good Sundays” and “Secure The Bag”… well, everyday. Since the lockdown, I’ve been rationing this eye cream for the days of our release, practicing my smize. My mom, however, has been using dollops to stay cute for her zoom calls with friends. 

DL.MD 13.5.1 Liquid Multivitamin 

My mom’s developed a new routine since Covid, boiling ginger roots with dates, cinnamon and tumeric. This boiling pot of immunity boosting nutrients has been replaced with water in our home – plus a teaspoon of DL.MD in the mornings for an extra boost of energy and multivitamins. Health is wealth.

African Botanics Cafe Noir Body Exfoliant

She opened up the package, breathed deep to inhale this minty coffee body exfoliant and said, “If only I had a lover who could rub me down with this in the shower.” TMI Mom. TMI. But I get it. When the days start to blur, a whiff of this in the shower will bring her back to focus. 

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