Givenchy Beauty is diving deeper into the digital sphere for their newest Pride campaign. In furthering their ongoing commitment to activism and inclusivity, the beauty brand gave creative control to three digital artists to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

Courtesy of Givenchy Beauty

Givenchy created the virtual exhibition “Givenchy Beauty Pride Gallery” on Spatial, a metaverse platform dedicated to generating a safe space for creatives to exchange culture.

The three artists Givenchy Beauty collaborated with each jumped into this project with various art backgrounds and approaches, but ultimately with the similar goal of using their voices to platform the queer community in the high fashion and art world.

Edgar Fabian Frias, a non-binary artist from Los Angeles, created a piece in the form of a thirty-second GIF named “Chroma Nexus” which displays the futuristic blooming of various shapes and colors. French artist Vanille Verloës created a piece titled “L’Arbre de Vie” (“The Tree of Life”), a piece that is representative of individuality which is an important value of the queer community. Finally, SamJ, a non-binary American artist created “Engaged Dynamics”, a 3D artwork that displays the trans identity and the experience of so many trans folks. In their own words, Sam J explains “You can see all the tattoos that let me truly claim ownership over my own skin,”

This isn’t the first time the House has dipped its toe into cyberspace. In 2020 and 2022 they entered the addicting world of Animal Crossing and Roblox as well as became the first beauty brand to create NFTs in honor of Pride Month in 2021 and 2022. Givenchy Parfum is showing that beauty, activism, and technology are not mutually exclusive and in fact, can be used to highlight marginalized voices. In doing this campaign, Givenchy is taking the stance that inclusivity and technology are vital to our world, and like technology, pride is the future.

The Givenchy Beauty Pride Gallery will be available for online viewing from June 22 to July 6 on Spatial.

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