Premiere: Sydney Trio Glades Release New Song "Speechless"

Premiere: Sydney Trio Glades Release New Song "Speechless"

The electronic group Glades release new song "Speechless" and reveal the concept behind their Troye Sivan-approved sound.

The electronic group Glades release new song "Speechless" and reveal the concept behind their Troye Sivan-approved sound.

Text: Veronica Radyuk

Let's start from the beginning—how did each of you initially get involved in the music scene?

The three of us were all working on a music and visual collective in Sydney previously with a whole heap of other people but we all then moved on from it. Cam and Joey started producing for other artists as a production duo.

What brought you together to form GLADES? 

After a while of producing for other people, Cam and Joey wanted to make music that was their own and wanted to form a band—so they needed a singer. We all knew each other from high school and our previous music project so they asked me and here we are!

We uploaded our very first song, "Falling Away" to an Australian radio station website to enter a competition, without telling anyone. The winner of the competition got the chance to play at a local festival. We had no expectation of winning, but we thought, "what the hell, we may as well." The next morning we woke up to "Falling Away" being talked about by music blogs over in the States and Canada, so that whole day we were freaking out, trying to figure out how to get our music onto iTunes and Spotify. We'd only picked our band name the week before. So that was lucky.

It took us forever to think of a name. We spent nights trying to brainstorm ideas and then one week, Cam went on a holiday to the snow and was at the top of a run called "The Glades". When he got to the bottom of the run, he messaged the name to Joey and I, and we liked it. A "glade" is an open space. I think it represents our sound quite well.

How would you describe your sound? 

Our breakout single "Drive" really established our identity and sound. It's in the electro-pop sphere with more natural elements (guitars, beat-driven, and so much reverb.)

What is the source of influence or inspiration for your music?

I wouldn't say there's one source specifically - it's whatever we're feeling at the time, or music that we've been listening to recently. We always share with our fans what we're listening to for that very reason.

For your new song "Speechless", what kind of vibe would you equate it to?

"Speechless" has a grungy pop kinda feel to it and the production really makes you want to groove. It's a very special track for us.

If you could collaborate with any musician, living or dead, who would it be?

We'd love to collaborate with The 1975, Flume, Tove Lo, and Oh Wonder just to name a few.

We also covered a Troye Sivan song, and he tweeted us about it. We're keen to meet him also.

Has there been a moment in time yet where you thought to yourself, "Yes, we've made it!" with regards to your success?

I don't know if we've "made it" yet, but seeing the Spotify streams on "Drive" go up tens of thousands by the day, signing with EMI Australia a couple months back, and of course hearing people sing our lyrics live to us... it's all quite crazy exciting.


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