Glen Luchford’s Rose Hotel is Perfectly Imperfect

The fashion photographer’s redesign of an iconic motel does not disappoint.

Conveniently located on Venice Beach, the Rose Hotel retains all the historic charm of the motel that housed Charlie Chaplin and Jim Morrison, but fashion photographers Glen Luchford and Doug Bruce added their own modern twist on the landmark when they revamped it. It’s not slick and polished, and that’s part of the appeal. It’s free-spirited, an homage to laid-back Southern California beach culture.

Most of the rooms opt for minimalist decoration, though artwork does adorn the walls. Overall, it has a heavy vintage vibe, and prizes comfort above all else, with neutral tones and striped patterns solidifying the beachy mood. The hotel reflects the deep appreciation Luchford has for Venice, which excuses the absence of bells and whistles– the Rose Hotel values simplicity and authenticity over extravagance. It didn’t trade its history for boujee trappings, and many of the rooms are still cost-effective for travelers.

The Rose Hotel prides itself on its Stumptown coffee and delectable Sugarbloom bakery croissants. The hotel also offers surfing and cycling lessons, if you truly want to embrace beach life, and massages when you need to unwind. What it lacks in services it makes up for in location, as it is in one of the few walkable neighborhoods in LA. With a coterie of shops and restaurants nearby to peruse (not to mention the boardwalk), you certainly won’t be bored during your stay. It’s exactly what you would want from a beachfront hotel– calm, cool, and comfortable.

The Rose Hotel retains its roots, and many of the guests possess the same wild, carefree attitude that was commonplace at the old motel. It’s not the most luxurious (and– as mentioned before –that’s sort of the point) , but it is earnest and genuine.


Image Courtesy of Beach Vacations
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