Global Goals Launches “We Are The Future” Merch Line

The merch line focuses on the importance of getting you people out to vote while spreading the 17 UN Global Goals.

In a world where everything is uncertain, it’s important to vote for what you believe in. With so many things threatening the world, from war to climate change, building a better world is a topic that’s passed around through a variety of different conversations. Global Goals knows this and wants to encourage the next generation to be part of the conversation. In 2019, Samsung Mobile created the Global Goals app with two aims: educating young people about the Global Goals and raising funds for the United Nations Development Programme. The 17 UN Global Goals, or the Sustainable Development Goals, are a call to action. They provide an outline to help with climate action, ending poverty, gender equality, and other global issues.

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The Global Goals app allows users to learn more about the 17 goals, see the numbers and key areas that Global Goals is working to improve and donate to a goal of their choice. For every donation made on the app, Samsung doubles it, which helps to move progress along. Global Goals has a website as well to give access to those who might not be able to download the app.

With over 255 million downloads, the app is capturing a good demographic of the world. However, the majority of that demographic consists of young people. To get young people interested in learning more about how they can contribute, Global Goals enlists the help of influencers. Industry leaders Inez & Vinoodh, Nick Knight, Katharine Hamnett, Hannelore Knuts, and Federico Marchetti give tips about how young people can make the world a better place in their different communities.

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To spread the message far and wide, Global Goals drops a new merch line. Named “We Are The Future” each garment focuses on spreading the importance of voting. Fashion designer and social activist Katharine Hamnett created a new series of slogan tees. All tees are made sustainably and use organic cotton. Customers can customize each shirt by selecting the slogan, color of the tee, and color of the slogan. Each tee features a smart QR code that brings scanners to the SSG app or SGG website, depending on which brand of phone is used. 30% of all sales from the unisex tees go to the UNDP.

Courtesy of We Are The Future

As an extra addition to the campaign, Global Goals presents the new ‘We Are The Future’ song and video about the importance of using your vote, even before you’re 18. Young people who can’t vote can still have their voices heard, by writing to elected officials, sharing their hopes for the world, what they want their representatives to do about it, and asking those who can vote to vote—young people can still make an impact. The song also shares the 17 Global Goals in an uplifting and energetic way.

To shop the new merch line, click here to visit the We Are the Future online store.

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