GmbH Unleashes ‘Rituals of Resistance’

Featuring two short films for Spring 2021.

In lieu of a virtual runway show this season, GmbH unveiled a three-part project entitled “Rituals of Resistance” for its Spring 2021 collection. This experimental approach weaves through the concept of fashion as a progressive force, as well as stirring conversations based on race, sexuality and politics. 

Using Paris Fashion Week’s official online platform, GmbH presented “Season of Migration to the North,” a short film by artist Lars Laumann with activist Eddie Esmail. Based on a true story, the film follows Esmail during his trip to Khartoum in 2010 while preparing a fashion show with his friends. During that time, he recalls his prosecution for homosexuality in Sudan, his emigration to Norway as a political refugee, and his experiences of living in Oslo. While touching on issues like LGBTQ+ rights and racial discrimination, “Season of Migration to the North” also featured original footage from Esmail’s show in Khartoum. 

GmbH revealed its Spring 2021 collection concurrently with Laumann’s short film, debuting a series of vegan leather trousers, double zips inspired by German carpenter uniforms, and reimagined versions of the classic Chappal loafer. Earlier this month, the Berlin-based fashion collective released another short film called “Guest on Earth,” directed by Fransisco Sendino, as part one in “Rituals of Resistance.”  

Peruse through selected looks from the GmbH Spring 2021 collection below:

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