Go Behind the Scenes of Christopher Kane FW19

The collection was two parts glam, one part kink.

Christopher Kane explored two parts glam, one part kink for his London Fashion Week FW19 show and one thing is for certain: these behind-the-scenes shots bring out the true essence of this sexy collection. Kane continues the fashion industry’s recent nods to kink culture (Gucci’s masked show, we’re looking at you) by incorporating the use of latex, jeweled chains, and images of balloons and rubber gloves throughout the collection, all with the slight sense of humor that is akin to the Christopher Kane brand. While his past shows alluded to the Joy of Sex through explicit verbal references, the FW19 collection decidedly shows rather than tells.

Patterns resembling drops of oil, accents of leather and lace, and the subtle usage of studs and cutouts played into the theme. Meanwhile, oversized ruffles and peplumed hems upped the femme factor. Regardless of the obvious sexual undertones of this fetish-influenced collection, the garments remain undeniably chic, glamorous, and surprisingly wearable.

In a press statement, Kane described his dance with the kinkier side of fashion, the kink research completed by him and Tammy Kane prior to the show, and how those sexual influences differentiate their work from other designers. “We always do sexy very differently than anyone else, we do that undertone because we are both pretty weird.”

If nothing else, we’re happy to report that we are now aware of what a “looner” and “rubberist” are. To view the highlights from the kink-inspired collection, check out the slideshow below.

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