Golden Goose and Coronet Launch Yatay

The fashion brand launches the first Made in Italy co-action fo sustainable innovation 

This Earth Day, Golden Goose and Coronet, an Italian footwear material supplier, release the Yatay. The Yatay is the first Made in Italy co-action platform for sustainable innovation. It comes from the Butia Yatay, a species of palm, and symbolizes circularity. 

Coronet is the leading company for research and production of animal-free materials, bio-based and recycled. Coronet is the worldwide reference point for the sustainable Made in Italy luxury market as well. Combined with Golden Goose’s “perfectly imperfect” mindset and history, the two brands are aiming to change the world of footwear. The combination of Golden Goose’s consumer knowledge and Coronet’s technical cutting-edge innovation lays the foundation for this partnership. 

Golden Goose and Coronet aim to give consumers an innovative product that provides positive social and economic impact, without creating a damaging environmental footprint. By using the latest technologies and consumer experience reports, Golden Goose and Coronet are able to meet customers needs, but not at the expense of the planet. Continuous testing phases incorporate consumer feedback into the decision making process, and help verify the testing results. 

For their first product, Golden Goose and Coronet introduce the Yatay Model 1B. This sneaker combines craftsmanship, sustainable innovation and vision into a wearable shoe. The genderless sneaker uses animal-free materials, bio-based material derived from vegetable sources, and low impact components. Made entirely in Italy, the shoe reduces 90% of carbon dioxide emissions and 65% of water usage compared to leather. The sole is biodegradable, and made by hand-engraving print that allows each piece to be unique. 

The shoe brings consumers into Golden Goose’s environmental activities and commitments via a unique number embossed on the left heel tab of each pair of Yatay Model 1B. The code gives consumers access to lower their carbon footprint as well. After consumers scan the QR code on the recycled shoe box, they can input their code to access a dedicated area to plant trees, monitor their growth and the amount of carbon dioxide they absorb. 

The Yatay 1B drops on the Golden Goose website April 22. 


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