Golden Goose has just embarked on its latest endeavor: the HAUS of Dreamers, which debuted during the 60th annual Biennale Arte in Venice on April 19th. Nestled in the historic Marghera district, HAUS of Dreamers represents not only a physical space but a convergence of creativity, aligning perfectly with the brand’s innovative mission. 

Courtesy of Golden Goose
Courtesy of Golden Goose
Maia Regis | Courtesy of Golden Goose
Andres Reisinger | Courtesy of Golden Goose
Mia Lailani | Courtesy of Golden Goose
Fabio Viale | Courtesy of Golden Goose

The event commenced with an immersive experience curated by four distinguished artists, each contributing a unique touch to the evening. Fabio Viale’s dynamic sculptures, reminiscent of Venice’s storied past, captivated guests as they entered the HAUS, setting the stage for the rest of the night. Maïa Régis’s live silk-screen printing in the Academy area highlighted the connection between fashion and art. Meanwhile, in the Manovia area, attendees had the opportunity to personalize Marathon sneakers. At the Playground, Mia Lailani wowed guests with a multi-genre musical performance, while, in the Hangar, Andrés Reisinger’s dreamy installations hung. 

Courtesy of Golden Goose
Courtesy of Golden Goose

With notable fashion figures, models, influencers, and industry insiders in attendance, the HAUS of Dreamers event concluded with an intimate dinner amid floral arrangements in a candlelight setting.

Romee Strijd (L) & Silvio Campara (R)
Farhana Bodi (L), Kalyani Saha Chawla (M) & Jwana Karim (R)
Jack Savoretti (L) & Marc-Henri Ngandu (R)
Co-Creation Experience | Courtesy of Golden Goose
Immersive Experience (1) | Courtesy of Golden Goose
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