Golden Goose has just launched the 2nd installment of the Dreamed by collection with Quannah Chasinghorse, model and advocate for Native-American land rights. 

Courtesy of Golden Goose

This collaboration comes as a part of the brands HAUS of Dreamers initiative. HAUS is a worldwide platform that brings together fellow creatives to display their own artistic visions. Artists from all fields and backgrounds are invited to design incredible experiences for the people of the community to enjoy. This initial program has given way to the HAUS of Dreamers, a campaign that brings the great work done in Marghera to the world stage. 

The HAUS of Dreamers is now working with five gifted and inspiring artists of different disciplines to share their experiences and impart their dreams and creativity onto the brands own style. Quannah Chasinghorse is one of these chosen few along with Dr. Woo, SUNMI, and Suki Waterhouse. These five were asked to reimagine classic Venetian architecture and culture to create limited-edition pieces for the Dreamed by collections, with each artist having the opportunity to design a footwear item, a ready-to-wear piece, and a unique object that encapsulates their own relationship with Venice. 

The HAUS of Dreamers just celebrated their first event in Venice on May 22nd, 2023. The event captured the true essence of the platform, with immersive and artful exhibits that display the true imagination this initiative breeds. Just a month later Quannah Chasinghorse launched her own collaboration with the HAUS. Quannah Chasinghorse is now the second designer to build a line for the Dreamed by Collection. 

For her part, Quannah designed three pieces that speak to both her heritage and the change she strives to create. It is a reflection of her life and the challenges she has faced. The designs encourage inclusivity and responsibility, virtues that encapsulate the message that ‘We are Nature’, a phrase featured on the designs she contributed to the collection. This is an important acknowledgement that the environment is a part of us, and it must be treated with the same benevolence and respect we use with ourselves. 

She combines her message with the influence of Venetian culture and design. Inspired by the classic gold leaf wooden frames of venice, she encased the poem she wrote and later recited at the Rialto Bridge during her time in Venice. The performance is now eternalized with this work, a testament to her righteous performance and the culture and history that surrounded that moment. 

In addition to this special work, Quannah Chasinghorse also designed two other garments, including a short organic cotton dress with the powerful phrase ‘We Are Nature’ across the front. The dress is extremely versatile in design with embroidered lines that mimic the cut of a shirt and tank top. These additions allow the piece to be worn in different ways. 

Quannah has also brought her own take to the iconic Golden Goose footwear. The hightop Sky-Star sneakers encompass her identity with every faceted detail from the color to the material. The sneaker is colored to watch those of the Lakota Star. This detail is an intimate dedication to her heritage. The sustainable fashion of the  Bio-Based Yatay material used to construct the shoe is true to Quannah’s values and life’s work. On the back of the shoe ‘Protect Nature” is written out, a quote with a similar sentiment as the sentence displayed on the dress.

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