Golden Goose Launches New ‘Dad-Star’ Sneaker

Available in a monochromatic gold or silver design, the chunky sneaker is made to be passed down between generations.

Golden Goose’s new Dad-Star sneaker turns the chunky sneaker trend into a timeless staple, something to be passed through generations and worn to dress up or dress down.

The release of the Dad-Star comes in celebration of Sneakers Day today, and the shoe is the perfect vessel of celebration—it pays homage to the evolution of the sneaker, from its humble athletic wear beginnings to a now iconic, essential fashion item, reimagined outside of the context of luxury fashion footwear.

With its distinctive 80s design and silver or gold monochromatic panels of varying textures and unique finishes, the genderless sneakers could have just as easily come from the back of your parents’ wardrobe to the very front of your shoe closet. Top of the line materials pair with a vintage silhouette to form a quality-produced streetwear vibe, effortless and versatile, while the laminated leathers and silver hi-vis reflective inserts can just as easily elevate the shoe into a sleek, sharp look.

Emblazoned on the side is Golden Goose’s signature star emblem, with the GGDB logo on the tongue and ice-colored distressed laces to pay tribute to the shoe’s roots, designed with the philosophy of Golden Goose in mind. The Dad-Star sneaker is not only functional but contemporary, too, thanks to the disruptive details of the design, subtle yet distinct: the strong distressing treatment, the exposed foam on the tongue and most notably, the colorful eyestays (blue in the silver shoe and red in the gold shoe). 

The yellowed midsole draws its inspiration from the brand’s idea of hanging the sneakers in sunlight to harbor the vintage effect of the foxing, and with the distressed finish, the Dad-Star is a pure product of Golden Goose’s artisanal craftsmanship and savoir-faire. 

The campaign for the sneaker reinforces the generational effect of the shoe: in a dusty attic full of old bits and bobs, a time machine teleports a dad back in time to his youth, where his old sneakers resurface memories of past adventures. The old sneakers are made new, now, passed to the next generation—after all, aren’t memories happiest when they are shared?

The Dad-Star sneaker will be released exclusively on the Golden Goose Passport App, with a limited first drop on October 9th. Shop the Dad-Star sneaker after its official US launch on October 15th on

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