To celebrate Earth Day, Italian brand Golden Goose announced its progressive plan to advance its sustainability agenda and become a pioneer in the eco-friendly fashion system. The project is built on three forward-looking steps: the opening of the new Yatay Lab, the launch of its Repair services online, and the release of the company’s annual Sustainability Report. 

The Yatay Lab, situated in Erba (Como, Italy), is the evolution of the brand’s 2022 partnership with Coronet Group, a leader in the research and production of animal-free, bio-based, and recycled materials, as well as the worldwide reference point for the sustainable Made in Italy luxury Market. The encounter between the two companies was destined to be a winning move from the very beginning. Now, they collaborate toward the development of circular materials and products for reducing fashion waste and reimagining the use we make of it.

Courtesy of Golden Goose

“Since the very first moment we felt that the synergy between Golden Goose’s knowledge of its consumer and Coronet’s cutting-edge technologies would play a key role in this partnership. Our Yatay Lab isn’t just about creating new products. This innovation hub has the goal of becoming a pioneer for circularity and an attraction pole for worldwide sustainable dreamers who are looking for expertise and technical skills to turn their business needs into tangible solutions,” Golden Goose CEO Silvio Campara said. The partnership will proceed through multiple testing phases and collections of consumer feedback, making the results public and available for all luxury players. The intent is to move forward together, building a strong network of creatives who fight for positive change.

One of the partnership’s biggest achievements in 2022–Yatay B, a bio-based material derived from vegetable sources–is now the launch pad for Golden Goose’s next challenge. After having designed the YATAY Model 1B, the brand’s first bio-based sneaker, and having redesigned some Golden Goose icons using Yatay B, the luxury sneaker house is now ready to further expand this product. Thanks to Yatay’s cutting-edge materials, Golden Goose will release new shapes, bringing together artisanal tradition, sustainable innovation, and vision. 

Courtesy of Golden Goose

Moreover, the brand is extending its REPAIR Service to its online platform. The idea was first seen as part of the three Forward Stores–Milan, New York, and Dubai–which opened in 2022. Its success was unprecedented: with a percentage of 38%, REPAIR was the top service request among Repairing, Remaking, Reselling, and Recycling. Finally, Golden Goose’s commitment to transparency has led the Italian house to release the 2022 Diary, its Sustainability Report, hoping to contribute to global growth in an earth-first approach to fashion.

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