Golden Goose Teams Up With USA Pro Skater Cory Juneau For Tokyo Olympics

Making his Olympic debut in style

Courtesy of Golden Goose

Skateboarding is making its grand debut at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this Friday and the leader of the USA National Team, Cory Juneau, will be performing tricks in distressed luxury sneakers. 

Juneau, who ranks 3rd worldwide, has partnered with the Italian brand Golden Goose for the Olympics and will be rocking a pair of one-of-a-kind sneakers created for the special occasion. This is the first time that the brand partners with an athlete. 

The Californian skater will be featured in a three-episode series called “From Venice to Venice”, which will document Juneau’s trip from his native California (the skater comes from San Diego roots) to Tokyo and then finishing at Venice, Italy. For Juneau, being a part of the Golden Goose family is a dream come true. 

“This is just the beginning of my professional career and I’m extremely lucky to be able to work with a team that’s so welcoming, authentic and creative,” said Juneau. “Skateboarding is real, raw and honest, but also has a family vibe, a real sense of belonging. From my first meeting with the Golden family I felt at home. I remember telling myself, ‘this feels right.’”

In the first episode of the series, filmed in Venice, California, Juneau is introduced as an example of passion, dedication and love, while in the second episode, shot in Tokyo, he discusses his expectations and fears with the Olympic Games.

Ending the trip in Venice, Italy, where Golden Goose was founded, it will coincide with the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 6. This is the 20th anniversary in collaboration with the Italian cult skateboard brand Bastard, which will feature Juneau among other skaters from the skate scene.  

“Cory perfectly embodies and celebrates the values we praise and share: family, passion, authenticity, positivity and success, which are as important at the skate park as in a working environment, and in everyday life. We are beyond thrilled to be able to be by his side, accompanying him through this exceptional step in his career, every athlete’s dream: the Olympic Games,” said Silvio Campara, the CEO of Golden Goose.

Catch the skateboarder turned Olympian this Friday in Tokyo ripping it in style. 


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