“Gone” Is the Relatable New Single From Jorja Smith’s Upcoming Project

Smith’s next collection of songs, entitled “Be Right Back,” introduces fans to her creative process between albums.

English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith is known for her potent, relatable lyricism and her soulful vocals. Both are on display in her newest single, “Gone,” which accompanies the announcement of her upcoming project Be Right Back. “Gone” is plaintive and full of longing, chronicling the feeling of losing another person. It’s also open to interpretation, and that’s just how Smith likes it. “There’s something about being able to write about one thing and for it to mean so many different things to others,” the singer explains. “I love that this song, well any of my songs really, will be interpreted in different ways, depending on the experiences of the people listening. This one is just me asking why people have to be taken from us.” Smith’s emotive voice adds to the song’s evocative power, which surfaces loss and related feelings of abandonment and hopelessness. The beautiful thing about songs like this one is that, even though they describe painful moments, they offer comfort with the suggestion that such experiences are universal.

Be Right Back, set for release on May 14, is an 8-track project that follows Smith’s hugely successful 2019 album Lost and Found. Of the project, Smith said, “It’s called Be Right Back because it’s just something I want my fans to have right now; this isn’t an album, and these songs wouldn’t have made it. If I needed to make these songs, then someone needs to hear them too.” Smith offers this project in a spirit of generosity, breaking her silence to remind fans why they fell in love with her sound in the first place. In addition to “Gone,” the project will feature Smith’s March release, “Addicted,” as its first track. If the new single is any indication, Be Right Back will be a satisfying glimpse into Smith’s recent creative growth, but it will also likely leave us wanting more. Hopefully, the singer stays true to her word and comes right back to share more music soon.

Listen to “Gone” below, and pre-order Be Right Back here.

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