Founded as an art incubator, Google and SN37’s Creator Labs’ support for rising talents who are creating important work highlighting cultural narratives is proving to have no bounds. Now, for their eighth season, the program has included international artists who touch upon spiritual awakenings, women and beauty, and freedom after hardship.

Providing photographers and filmmakers the resources to capture the work based on social causes, from topics ranging from motherhood to community to migration, Creator Labs encourages these rising talents to speak up and portray several cultural narratives and important social issues through visual art forms in hopes of promoting authentic work. 

For this season, all images were created on a Google Pixel 8 Pro, and invitees were encouraged to capture the world as they see it. The talented artists included this season are Lawrence Agyei, Furmaan Ahmed, Cruz Valdez, Campbell Addy, Kennedi Carter, June Canedo de Souza, Aidan Cullen, Pegah Farahmand, Myesha Evon Gardner, Chiara Gabellini, Lelanie Foster, Coyote Park, MaryV, Neva Wireko, Amber Grace Johnson, Andy Jackson, Andrew Thomas Huang, Justin French, Anthony Prince Leslie, Myles Loftin, Natalia Mantini, Gabriel Moses, Shikeith, Texas Isaiah, GLASSFACE, Tim Kellner, Mayan Toledano, Dana Scruggs, and Adrian Octavius Walker.

Photography by Cruz Valdez | Courtesy of Creator Labs

Using the newly revamped Pixel 8 Pro camera, each artist had the power to utilize the camera’s Pro controls, granting them greater creative reigns over the capabilities of their tools including shutter speed, ISO and focus, as well as the option to record imagery in full 50MP RAW or JPEG format across the full zoom range. For this new season, creators were also encouraged to play around with the device’s new Magic Editor feature, which houses generative AI to reposition and resize subjects, use presets to make the background standout, and much more.

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