Gossip Girl Memes Are The Newest Covid-19 Escape…And They’re Really Good

B and S are back at it

With a reboot in production, and a legacy that will live in infamy forever (if you ever watched Gossip Girl, you are still watching Gossip Girl), the latest craze on the Upper East Side? Memes, of course. 

@baro_tokiyo was “testing what little sanity” they had left on Twitter when they created the now viral meme. It features a very obviously Season 1 style Blair and Serena, as Blake Lively’s Serena asks a question, and Leighton Meester’s Blair responds with an edit of the Gossip Girl logo.

The best part is that S even joined in on the fun herself with this Covid-19 themed post on her Instagram account. 

Some of our favorites you might ask? 

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