Grant Releases EP, ‘Vertigo’ and “Don’t Recall Growing Old” Visualizer

Get to know the artist more in-depth, through 4 all-new songs.

Today, the Swedish alt-pop star, GRANT excitingly released her new EP, Vertigo in tandem with the music video for the single, “Don’t Recall Growing Old.”

She described her four-track EP as both thrilling and confusing depictions of love. And although love is hard to capture, her EP does so at it’s most tender moments. For example, the artist explains her single, “Don’t Recall Growing Old” is a moment of bittersweet reflection that deals with the fact idealizations of love and relationships may not mirror the actual outcome.

In the retro technology inspired Zoë Que-directed video, GRANT wears an orange disco-esque ensemble to match her hairdo. In a cement room, she is surrounded by CRT televisions that broadcast her reflection. She is then seen flowing through her feelings and scrutinizing herself.

Further revealing the inspiration behind her song  the GRANT said it’s “ about breaking down the barriers you built up when you were young and idealistic, and had very high demands and expectations on love and what it should be. Honest love is for grown-ups. I didn’t really think I’d get there, but here we are.” 

Therefore channeling that feeling, she sings the pre-chorus, “…Stay only means wanna kiss me so I can stay focused / I wish you would ask me to stay but I am so hopeless.” Eventually leading up to the main chorus, belting out, “I say nothin’ at all / No, I say nothin’ at all / All in all, it hurts just a little / All I want is love to be simple / But I don’t recall growing old.” The beat is catchy, inviting listeners to join in on the next verse. 

The moody lyrics evoking different feelings and memories of current lovers, past lovers, and future lovers, for all who listen; making “Don’t Recall Growing Old” a must-have song for any playlist.  Beginning with the EP — destined to evolve into a whole album — she puts her heart on full display through each lyric. V, in particular, is excited to watch the vocalist, GRANT grow as an artist.

Listen to “Words,” “Hell Yes, I’m Betting on You,” and “Vertigo,” by clicking here. See below for the full video:

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