Griff Premieres New Video for "Paradise"

Griff Premieres New Video for "Paradise"

Griff Premieres New Video for "Paradise"

The new vid offers a taste of her debut EP, "The Mirror Talk EP."

The new vid offers a taste of her debut EP, "The Mirror Talk EP."

Text: Brooke Kushwaha

Griff is the hottest new artist to come out of the UK since Dua Lipa. The 18-year-old singer and producer stepped onto the scene with "Mirror Talk," an anthem to banish negative self-talk, and her newest EP (aptly titled The Mirror Talk EP) continues her hot streak. According to Griff herself, the EP reflects her own creative journey as a solo artist.

"I called it The Mirror Talk EP because in a way all the songs on there have been internal conversations I've had with myself over the past few years while I’ve been toiling away in my bedroom writing," she told V magazine.

Although Griff told V that choosing a favorite song off the EP would be like choosing a "favorite child," she acknowledged that "Sound of Your Voice" was her current pick as her "newest baby." The track is a haunting yet upbeat ode to finally getting over a breakup, both bittersweet and cleansing. The EP itself draws upon universally relatable themes, centering around Griff's vapor-like vocals. "Mirror Talk" is a smooth, satiny plea to stop overthinking and get out of your rut. "Come on girl, go get it together / You can't stay here forever" is the refrain, mirroring words our best friends have probably used on us in dark times. This coming-of-age tone sets Griff apart from other teen artists in her ability to admit that she's still figuring things out.

"I hope anyone who listens to the music feels like they're listening to something fresh and unique, she said. "I hope they get the sense that I'm a young normal girl trying to understand myself and the world a bit better. I hope everyone can relate."

Griff released her video for "Paradise" on November 14. c/o Riccardo Castano.

"Paradise," her latest single, is about the eternal hope in a new love, or a new situation—fitting for a new artist looking to carve out her niche. In the music video, Griff flits around sinks and laundry in a sparsely furnished home, finding paradise in wherever she goes. "Paradise" kicks off a turning point in Griff's music, beyond solo bedroom sessions and into the studio. Griff notes that her creative process, while more experimental, is a lot more drawn-out than when she's collaborating with others.

"The process is just way longer when I'm alone because I’ll start an idea for a couple hours, then come back to it over the week, she said. "Whereas when I’m with other writers, I guess there’s more of an expectation to come out with something by the end of the day.  I definitely feel like lyrically and sonically I can experiment way more when I'm alone. I do wonder though whether listeners will be able to tell the difference between the tracks I've done alone from the ones I’ve done with other writers on this EP."

The English native grew up outside of Watford in a "quintessentially British" town, to a Jamaican father and Chinese mother. Although singles like the recently-released "Paradise" and "Sound of Your Voice" feature some subtle Caribbean beats, Griff claims that it's only a coincidence, and that she's always searching for a new inspiration.

"I think I'm just always trying to find cool sounds when producing, and maybe I just naturally lean towards those kinds of familiar sounds."

c/o Riccardo Castano.

The young artist cites her first musical influences as the likes of Stevie Wonder and Taylor Swift's Fearless album, but recently, her top three songs are "Youth" by Asgier, "Now I'm in It" by HAIM, and "Something Has to Change" from Japanese House. Her dream collaboration? None other than One Direction.

Recently, Griff has finished her A-levels and launched "full steam" into her career. Although she's no longer juggling her studies and music together, she's stayed busy, even visiting America for the first time in October. Her first headline show will debut in London later this month on November 27th, and she's promised to perform in America sometime in the new year. Don't wait 'til she's across the pond to get hooked on Griff—she'll be making waves soon enough.

Watch Griff's video for "Paradise" below:


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