Grimes Dabbles in K-Pop on New Loona Track

Grimes Dabbles in K-Pop on New Loona Track

The Canadian pop nymph's cameo on “Love4eva” is a match made in DM heaven.

The Canadian pop nymph's cameo on “Love4eva” is a match made in DM heaven.


Grimes has lately been busily expanding her horizons, from achieving the personal milestone of legally changing her name from “Claire” to “c” to making the rare red carpet appearance at the Met Gala with explorer beau Elon Musk. So it’s no wonder that she’s expanding her horizons musically as well. With the release of the song and video “Love4eva” by Loona featuring Grimes, the Canadian electro nymph has officially crossed over into the realm of K-Pop.

While the artists’ differing styles may make for an unexpected pairing, the partnership—like so many these days—was reportedly borne out of a DM. On May 2, Loona commented on Grimes’s Instagram selfie with Poppy, requesting that the singer check her inbox.

The song, teased last week on social media, is out today along with the rest of the Korean supergroup’s new EP beauty&thebeat. While that didn’t leave much time for the collaboration, Grimes manages to make an impression on the track, opening with the spoken lines “Hello. Finally introducing Loona. Are you girls ready? Okay. Let’s go!” in her trademark pixie-like sing-song.

In a statement to V, the band explains just how the collaboration went down. "It was a huge surprise to learn that Grimes had listened to LOOΠΔ's music. We were so excited!" Loona explains. "We decided to ask Grimes for a featuring verse on our new track, and when we finally got the audio files with Grimes' voices, we have never screamed longer or louder ever since the start of LOOΠΔ. The collaboration of Grimes and LOOΠΔ is the most unforgettable, super-exciting moment."

With Grimes on the track, “Love4eva” may be American audiences’ first contact with Loona—a uniquely engineered group even by K-Pop standards. While they have released 17 singles since 2016, the 12-person group has yet to collectively release a full-length album, instead releasing music as smaller subgroups. beauty&thebeat is the first EP to be released by the subgroup Loona yyxy—the final EP before Loona at large releases their full-length debut.

Grimes, however, is no stranger to going beyond the mainstream; her 2015 track “Scream” featured verses by then-unknown Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. And with more new Grimes music reportedly on the horizon, we hope to soon be hearing many more of the singer’s out-of-the-box collaborations.



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