Grooving Into Spring with Hugo

Hugo debuts Spring/Summer 2020 Collection.

Traveling back in time, Hugo’s Spring/Summer Collection exudes a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the 70s. As the brand encourages customers to explore what it means to live one’s own truth, a variety of selections to shop from is given.

Pinstripe enjoys a debut comeback, as cultural influences from this trend are inline with the messages being portrayed. Whether your truth lies in tailored, bold, abstract details, pantsuit or trench coat, is the lively question to reflect upon. Don’t worry, Hugos promotional film series helps paint the picture for those who may be struggling to answer such a complex question.

The diverse cast from the modeling world includes both new and familiar faces. Hanne Gaby Odiele and Lily McMenamy are featured alongside Obongjaya and Takuro Yamazoe throughout various settings in Berlin. As HUGO respects the German capital for embracing him, he hopes to hit home with this collection. See an inside look at the men’s and womenswear lines down below.



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