Gucci Basket Sneakers Make Their Debut

Kicking it old school.

Inspired by basketball and composed of luxury materials, Gucci Basket — Gucci’s latest genderless sneaker — makes its debut this week. Designed exclusively by Creative Director Alessandro Michele who partnered with Creative Director Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone, Gucci Basket sneakers come in three different colorways and one extra colorway exclusive to North America.

Composed of Demetra, Gucci’s own luxury material containing utmost quality, durability, and softness, Gucci Baskets’ multicolored high-top look has a vintage feel yet still adheres to modern trends. Mesh tops and lush padding also make up the shoes, creating a comfortable sole sure to stand out.

The collection, which includes an all-white pair with blue detailing and two multi-colored pairs of green, blue and orange or black, yellow and purple, contain rubber trim with motifs to the fashion House throughout.

The exclusive North American colorway comes in red, white and blue, and also displays Gucci’s infamous interlocking G logo along with the other colorways.

Demetra, which is produced entirely in Italy, where the fashion House hails from, has eco-friendly practices behind the manufacturing which include being composed of animal-free raw materials that come from sustainable, renewable and biobased sources.

When working with The Shoe Surgeon, Gucci provided upcycled materials from previously-loved prints in order for him to create three limited-edition pairs of Gucci Basket sneakers, available exclusively at Gucci Beverly Hills. All proceeds from The Shoe Surgeon’s custom Basket sneakers will go to Oakland School of the Arts.

Along with the shoes, Gucci has also released a new game featuring the shoes on Gucci Arcade, a platform where you can interact with products and details of the House virtually, available as an app on your smartphone.

Marking its 100th anniversary this year, Gucci proves time and time again after a century, it knows just how to hone in on trends while giving them a classic Gucci-flare.

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