Gucci Honors Handbag Heritage with New Romantic Collection, Lovelight

Reimagined bags from the 1940s, heart motifs, and detailed floral embroidery make this collection one to adore

Through the hazy film of a retro camera, the models of Gucci Lovelight’s video campaign sit in a brightly colored living room, laughing around a chess board. Lively music from a record player renders their conversation inaudible, but there can be no doubt just what the viewer is watching: a candid moment between loved ones, enjoying the bliss of each other’s company.

Gucci captures that euphoric affection with Lovelight, a celebrative collection of past and present, and love and warmth. From giftable accessories like pastel silk scarves and headbands, to oversized eyewear and embroidered sweaters, the heart motif is recurring theme to embody all that is romantic and fun.

Taking from the geometric themes of collections past, Gucci Lovelight features diamond-shaped leather patches stitched onto a recognizable handbag, the Gucci Bamboo 1947 from the iconic Gucci Beloved era. Glimmering studs and heart-cut details join the collage of lighthearted leather graphics, along with the sentimental “Loved” written onto the Mini Gucci Diana. In a brilliant reconstruction of signature Gucci archives, the classic bamboo handle makes a timely appearance amongst the romance-clad bags.

But Lovelight isn’t just a handbag haven, the whimsical collection features a range of both men and women’s ready-to-wear, from flashy button-ups to elegantly embroidered sweaters. And what’s a romantic collection without a little glitter? The eye-catching sparkles certainly have their moment, as seen on the colorful Screener and Run sneakers or in the sheen of pink, crystal-set jewelry.

The entirety of the Gucci Lovelight collection comes in thoughtful packaging, fit with the same charm as the pieces it holds. Items from Lovelight can be found now, in select Gucci boutiques worldwide, and on

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