Inspired by the unrelenting changing of the four seasons, the Italian house debuts its fourth high jewelry collection “Allegoria.” Capturing the essence of seasonal splendor, Gucci showcases new enriched designs of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets each with unique stones, gems, and eclectic cuts. 

The collection begins with Spring, full of floral motifs and fresh hues reminiscent of flower blooms. Exquisite craftsmanship embraces a stunning 226-carat green tourmaline, set in meticulous openwork metal with star motifs and diamond baguettes. The necklace’s chain showcases fancy-colored tourmalines and diamonds, beautifully complementing the vibrant centerpiece. Another breathtaking creation features a 161-carat cushion-cut pink tourmaline encircled by tiers of diamonds and colored enamel. Its accompanying chain dazzles with 72 fancy tourmalines totaling 88 carats, creating a chromatic gradient.

Summer embraces saturated hues of oranges, golds, and greens – via emeralds, spinels, and Paraiba tourmalines sprinkled with diamonds. Autumn brings warmer, muted tones embodied in radiant stones such as yellow sapphire, pink tourmaline, and mandarin garnet. A 78-carat yellow sapphire necklace and a sublime, vintage-style yellow gold bracelet help set the Fall mood. And Winter wraps up the cycle with an enamel and diamond necklace taking the spotlight, defined by a milky, iridescent 92-carat opal.

Unveiling unique European-cut antique diamonds and stones, Gucci pays homage to the art deco period through this high jewelry collection. 

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