Gucci Unleashes A Riveting Digital Gaming Hub: Gucci Good Game 

A new capsule collection fuses the spirit of “good gaming” into the house’s foundational – fashion – landscape. 

With a salute to the house’s founder Guccio Gucci, Gucci presents the Gucci Good Game. Embraced in 2019, the motto speaks for the House’s ventures into the world of gaming as it creates hubs for play, self-expression, talent, freedom, and individuality – spotlighting the positive principles that are pivotal in making an enjoyable gaming experience possible. Now bringing the spirit of Good Game into the House’s foundational landscape—fashion—the collection further celebrates the link between Gucci and gaming. With its double meaning, the GG becomes the defining motif of this casual-minded capsule. From bowling shirts and hoodies to slides and sneakers, metallics combine with rainbow hues to create an iridescent effect across items emblazoned with the monogram.

Encoded in those two simple letters – GG – is a storied system of values, and not just for Gucci. Since the 1960s, the monogram of the House’s founder Guccio Gucci has been featured across collections as a nod to its heritage. The initials similarly surface over and over again at the end of multiplayer games as competitors suddenly turn back into companions, saluting each other with the abbreviation for “good game.” This is the point of connection that Gucci Good Game explores, and that is celebrated in a special new capsule collection presented by the House.

Echoing the exploration of new landscapes and meetings of worlds, the collection takes center stage in a visual narrative envisioned by King Kong Magazine, a collaborative project shot by photographer Piczo. Bringing the audience through a portal, entering another dimension where the elements of club and rave culture blend with those of nature, the images create scenarios that echo spiritual wanderings. In this tale, the collection renders the whole world fantastical, a safe space where gamers can craft their lives with unlimited imagination.

Encompassing the full spectrum of gaming from fun to professional, Gucci’s forays into the arena share a collaborative approach, involving various creators in the development of authentic experiences that aim to establish close and deep connections with gamers. Over the years, the initiatives have seen the brand building a multifaceted presence in a select number of games as well as in immersive gaming platforms, including Roblox, The Sandbox, Zepeto, Hot Wheels Unleashed, Pokémon GO, Animal Crossing, Tennis Clash, The Sims – or partnering with XBOX to offer a limited-edition bundle.

The Gucci Good Game collection will be available online at Gucci as well as in select Gucci Stores worldwide.

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