Gucci Unveils Gucci Manifesto

Who else but Gucci would release a brand new collection to celebrate the launch of another?

What could be more extra than introducing a new fashion line just to celebrate the launch of another collection? Gucci Manifesto, the label’s latest project, is the more direct representation of the brand’s FW19 collection. Masks were at the center of the show, creating a costume-like punk aesthetic. Now, the new line is showcasing the inspiration behind the masked pieces, mainly through the repeated slogan, “THE MASK AS A CUT BETWEEN VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE.”

Shoppers can select from short-sleeve t-shirts, oversized long-sleeve sweatshirts and oversized hoodies in either men’s or women’s cuts. Despite the limited styles, there is a wide variety of prints available. The shirts tout one of three things across the back: Gucci, the collection’s mantra or the entire press release from the FW19 show. Metal-spike, carnival cat and alien masks cover the apparel’s front. As usual, the fashion label’s name will be printed across the front or back of the item. The collection’s color palette, like the underlying theme, is bold. Hot pink, red, turquoise blue and Kelly green make a splash against the otherwise black, white and grey clothing line.

The Gucci Manifesto collection is available online, with different variations available in Gucci stores and Gucci wholesale accounts. Items from the collection are wrapped in special packaging—a black box with the brand name and cat mask printed in white on the front, and the collection slogan printed in white on the back.

Gucci will also introduce an elevated experience for virtual customers who shop through the Gucci app. Augmented reality will allow shoppers to try on the different masks, taking photos and videos of themselves in pieces from the FW19 collection.

To further celebrate the launch, popup Gucci Art Walls will appear around the globe in New York, Milan, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mexico City.

Gucci Manifesto Gucci Manifesto Gucci Manifesto Gucci Manifesto Gucci Manifesto

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