Starting on June 15th, 2023, Gucci’s Florence gallery space Gucci Garden will welcome visitors to explore the past and future of the iconic brand in their latest exhibition Gucci Visions. As an homage to their rich history of creativity and innovation, the first and second floors of the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia will feature eight different rooms, each dedicated to highlighting an aspect of Gucci’s impact on the fashion industry since its founding in 1921.

Courtesy of Gucci

The exhibition will combine elements from founder Guccio Gucci’s original vision with staple designs from more recent Creative Directors Frida Giannini, Alessandro Michele and Tom Ford to showcase the essence of the brand; an ever-evolving mission to create luxury quality and innovative designs that embrace modernity without losing touch with its roots.

A glimpse into Gucci’s commitment to progressivity, the Metaverse room will let visitors experience the brand’s recent ventures into the digital realm, such as Gucci Town on Roblox and Otherside Relics by Gucci made in partnership with Yuga Labs, by sitting in an ultramodern gaming chair. In contrast, the Icons room features over 400 versions of the classic Bamboo 1947, Horsebit 1955 and Jackie 1961 handbags which emphasize three key elements of Gucci’s brand identity: inventive craftmanship, equestrian-inspired design, and effortless elegance.

For solidifying Gucci’s history of ingenuity, the Bamboo handbag has earned a room of its own. From a digital wall displaying modern versions of the bag to a vitrine showing archival bags, the Bamboo room takes visitors on a journey through time starting in 1947 when post-war shortages first led Guccio Gucci to incorporate bamboo into his designs. The Codes room goes on to show how Gucci’s signature emblems, the iconic G and variations like the interlocking G’s and the GG monogram, have been reimagined through the years in an immersive animation.

The Travel room features bags from the 1940’s onward and is a nod to Guccio Gucci’s original desire to create luxury luggage in 1921, showing how the brand has retained his vision and continued to create both practical and elegant luggage into the 21st century. The Stars room highlights Gucci’s longstanding tradition of collaborating with celebrities and creative leaders by displaying nine custom gowns worn by various icons of the film and music industries.

The Flora room offers an exploration into the history of the gorgeous pattern commissioned from artist Vittorio Accornero de Testa and consists of a garden of sculptural flowers and a kaleidoscopic pyramid which reflects the pattern all across the room to create an immersive experience of Gucci’s love of nature. If being totally surrounded by flowers, plants and insects weren’t enough to get visitors into the spirit of Flora, the entire room is also scented with the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia eau de parfum.

Finally, the Fashion room perfectly captures the heart of Gucci Visions: to showcase how different designers spanning over a century have infused Gucci with their visions to create the brand we know and love today. The Fashion room features iconic looks like Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele’s 1996 and 2021 versions of the red velvet suit, and a 2014 reimagining of a 1970’s black suede minidress by Frida Giannini, to emphasize how modern collections exist in conversation with classic, original designs from the early days of Gucci.

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