In a world where fashion often seeks conformity, Gucci breaks the mold with its F/W 2024 men’s campaign, as a vibrant tableau of diverse personalities present Sabato De Sarno’s latest men’s collection for the iconic House.

Shot by the renowned David Sims, the campaign transcends ordinary fashion photography, morphing into an ode of human expression. Each frame captures not just garments, but narratives – stories woven through glances, gestures, and intonations. At its core lies a captivating ensemble of models, traversing the dynamic continuum of past, present, and future. Familiar faces like Clément Chabernaud and George Barnett, veterans of the early 2000s runways, intertwine with fresh talent, infusing their unique essence into the garments, transforming them into extensions of their personalities.  

Courtesy of Gucci

The collection is filled with hardware-infused neckties draped elegantly over exposed skin, complemented by sleek trousers and streamlined leather gloves. The allure of double-breasted suiting is elevated with striking red monogram motifs, adding a bold twist to traditional tailoring. 

Meanwhile, cropped hoodies, lustrous trench coats, and embellished knitwear inject a sense of avant-garde luxury into everyday essentials. Completing the ensemble, Sabato De Sarno introduces his oversized rendition of Gucci’s iconic Jackie bag, adding a statement accessory to the collection’s bold aesthetic.

Courtesy of Gucci

The collection is slated to hit stores worldwide in July, with select boutiques offering curated previews in June.

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