Gucci’s Pineapple Campaign Is A Retro Escape

The collection nods to historical design with a modern blend of construction and aesthetics

With a subtle look towards the future, Gucci’s Pineapple Collection boasts a new decorative motif consisting of a pineapple and roses that play into the lighthearted, refined feel of the brand. Inspired by coats of arms historically donned by noble families and with elements of historical flags, the collection consists of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that seamlessly meld collegiate and streetwear aesthetics.

Wool and cotton base knitwear adds closet essentials, and polo shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts nod to casual-wear, finished with the distinctive motif. Patches are embroidered onto formal jackets and fleece tracksuits, and pops of oranges, blues and greens make a statement and add to the signature Gucci look.

Outerwear includes a washed gabardine single-breasted coat, two bomber jackets, and a new jumbo GG denim jacket with matching styles. A dominantly pastel palette paints a neutral backdrop for a bright yellow pineapple that defines the GG supreme canvas base of sneakers and leather accessories.

The collection is imagined as a winter escape against a vintage backdrop that is The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. A timeless look at a beachside vacation shows the cast relaxing in an undoubtedly highbrow way. The collection, on display in Gucci stores worldwide with themed windows and pop-ups, can be shopped here.

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