Guess Drops Western-Inspired Capsule Collection

Archive Drop 005 presents a new hoodie and sweatpants with a vibrant Western motif for a vintage look.

GUESS U.S.A. dropped the latest set in their archive collection today, and it’s a wonderfully Western play on loungewear.

Archive Drop 005 utilizes the infamous GUESS Western print that debuted from the American label in 1987 in the form of knit fabric constructed with a traditional Japanese knitting machine. Originally designed for denim, the print on knitwear gives the unisex pieces stability, versatility and a true vintage feel with a distressed look and signature enzyme wash.


The collection makes use of colors, giving a bright, bold and fun spirit to casual everyday pieces. Vividly contrasting hues of blue and green or red and blue are detailed with bright gold accents and a cursive “Guess U.S.A.” logo under the equine Western motif. 

The print covers the entirety of the garment in each set, leaving no room for doubt or neutrals: there is a statement to be made about the spirit of freedom and the dauntless attitude of the West, and GUESS embarks on that journey with the new drop.


The silk-blend fleece hoodie retails for $160 USD and the sweatpants retail for $140 USD. Shop the Archive Drop 005 at now.

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