Guess Makes a Commitment to Sustainability for Spring 2020

The major fashion label is leading the way for eco-friendly style.

For Spring 2020, all-American fashion label GUESS is introducing a new capsule titled GUESS Eco, a men’s and women’s collection composed entirely of sustainable materials. The range represents more than 15% of the brand’s seasonal offerings and emphasizes the label’s impressive strides towards reaching its sustainability goal of at least 25% of its apparel as “eco” by 2021. 

In honor of Earth Day, it’s incredibly important to commend the fashion industry’s efforts to alter their entire business models to adapt to the world’s rapidly changing climate. Since fiber and fabric production account for more than half of the industry’s environmental impact, GUESS’s swift material transformation showcases the brand’s progressive and adaptable mindset to environmental awareness. Materials utilized in GUESS’s eco-friendly collection include organic cotton, produced through a method that is safer for local waterways and workers, and polyester, which aids in reducing waste by repurposing recycled water bottles. 

Among stand-out items on the women’s side, an organic cotton green cargo skirt finds versatility in the wardrobe, while animal printed, polyester knit tops certainly make a statement. As for the men’s offerings, a variety of short-sleeve button-downs reflect a sharp aura and graphic tees boasting the brand’s classic logo are sure-to-be staples. 

Above all, GUESS’s commitment to more sustainable practices speaks volumes as to where the fashion industry should be headed. As one of the country’s most prominent fashion brands, GUESS is forging ahead towards a more eco-friendly business model and setting a prime example for brands to follow. Head to GUESS’s website to read their official commitment to sustainability. 

Below, revel in a pair of classic GUESS jeans found on the pages of V124 lensed by Vera Comploj.

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