Your Guide to This Fall’s Best TV Shows

Your Guide to This Fall’s Best TV Shows

The fall season, or Q4 as some prefer to call it, is traditionally packed with a flurry of shows to binge-watch. We’re unpacking the must-see shows that you need to place your full attention on.

The fall season, or Q4 as some prefer to call it, is traditionally packed with a flurry of shows to binge-watch. We’re unpacking the must-see shows that you need to place your full attention on.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Luke Cage

Most wouldn’t think that a Marvel Comics show could pack in a big amount of cultural resonance and emotional depth, but Luke Cage does just that. The Netflix original show, starring Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson, follows the Marvel superhero as he attempts to rebuild his life in Harlem and prepares to save his city once again. It expertly depicts race relations in the '70s amidst action-packed scenes and blockbuster-level cinematography, reminding us of the work we have ahead of us today to fight for racial justice.

Good Girls Revolt

The upcoming Amazon show Good Girls Revolt centers on a newsroom in the '60s where ethical boundaries are broken and secret illicit fun happens between co-workers, just like a normal workplace. Okay maybe not. But when the female employees realize that their bosses will not let them advance to reporter or executive positions, despite their worthy talents, they stage protests and work the system to get the justice they deserve, decked out in incredible '60s looks. At a time where women are still often paid less than their male co-workers, the show will be an intense and moving reminder of the still omnipresent sexist climate in workplaces today.


Take your fond memories of Disney World, add a dystopian rule-free element, and you have Westworld. The hit HBO show, starring Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, and Thandie Newton, takes place at a high-tech theme park run by android “hosts” who let their high-paying customers do whatever they want with no strings attached. This results, of course, in absolute debauchery wrapped in emotional and potentially explosive character arcs. It promises to be one of the most thrilling shows of the new season.


The new HBO comedy, created by the witty minds of Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore, and inspired by Rae’s autobiographical web series, plays out like a modern version of Sex and the City. The series follows Rae’s character and her friends in South LA as they deal with new jobs, relationships, and ignorant White people. Giving exposure to the authentic contemporary black experience, the show proudly celebrates the work of people of color and sheds light on what it’s like to be a Black woman going through life in an urban city.

Crisis in Six Scenes

Woody Allen's Crisis in Six Scenes is one of the most refreshing surprises this season. The show, set in '60s New York, centers around a prison escapee, played by Miley Cyrus, invading the home of an older married couple, Allen and Elaine May, to hide in until her next move. The characters’ dynamic plays like an even more ridiculous version of your family’s Thanksgiving dinner chatter, and their individual storylines collide in the final episode, ending the story with a ridiculously hysterical shebang.


Easy features Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, and Dave Franco in one of the most star-studded and salacious shows of the new season. Each episode of the Netflix original follows a different Chicago couple as they navigate the struggles in their relationship, whether it’s in the honeymoon phase, going strong after years, or not even exclusive. The show feels both intimate yet uncomfortable, giving a gritty and authentic portrayal of many couples at all stages of life.

The Crown

One of this season’s most anticipated shows also happens to be the most ambitious. The Crown stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II as she weds Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith, and begins her reign as royalty, depicting the struggles she faces with public matters and in her marriage. The first of six planned seasons will premiere this November on Netflix, who has invested 100 million pounds into the series. The show promises excessive grandeur and drama worthy only of royalty, making it a potential future classic.

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