H.E.R. Releases “We Made It” And Announces a Date for Her Upcoming Album, Back of My Mind

“A peek into my soul”

H.E.R. dropped “We Made It”, the second track off of her highly anticipated upcoming album, Back of My Mind, on Friday. She also announced the June 18 release for her full-length debut album.


The uplifting new single is a celebration of H.E.R.’s “long ride” to success, and brings a retro vibe to the 23-year-old Grammy award winning singer’s one of a kind sound. The dreamy intro brings the listener in, while later grounding them in a strong beat and ‘70s style guitar riffs.

“I’ve been really feelin’ like/ Always been a long time/ There was early mornings, late nights/ We was prayin’ for the sunshine/ Oh and this whole time, I’ve been at it/ If you want it outside, you won’t get it/Can’t break me, I won’t let it/ Won’t let it,” she sings, almost as an ode to her hard work and resiliency.

Listen to “We Made It” here:

The album, which she described as a peek into her soul, will be a vulnerable one. Basing tracks on those experiences and feelings that are difficult to express.

“It’s always the thoughts that sit in the back of my mind, it’s always things that I’ve been through, things that I go through, or that I feel. And all those thoughts that I think I’m afraid to say sometimes,” said the singer in a short trailer for the project, released on Twitter. 

Watch the black-and-white trailer here:

“Come Through”, a collaboration with Chris Brown, was the first release off of the album back in April.

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