“Coast” to the beat of Hailee Steinfeld’s Newest Single

The actress and pop singer is back to making music, and this is only the beginning

It’s been two years since Hailee Steinfeld’s Half Written Story EP racked up a near half-billion streams—it’s about time the pop singer/songwriter return to the musical spotlight. And after waiting for the peak of summer to release the next go-to road trip tune, “return to the spotlight” she certainly has. The vibey single “Coast” featuring Anderson .Paak fulfills every PCH-driving, top-down-convertible dream—an ode to the California coast and Steinfeld’s childhood with an addictive melody and playfully catchy beat.

“I am so happy to finally be able to share Coast with the world,” the pop singer says. “This song is deeply personal to me and was influenced by my California roots and the music I grew up listening to with my family. The only artist I envisioned collaborating with on this track was my friend, Anderson .Paak. Knowing he loved the song enough to lend his genius to it is absolutely surreal, and I am forever grateful to have his support.”

This release marks the start of a new era for Steinfeld, whose dynamic hits have amassed nearly 10 billion streams globally since the start of her music career. From her double-platinum debut single “Love Myself” to quadruple-platinum “Starving”, the star has proven how well she understands her audience, and just how flawlessly she delivers hit after hit. A year may have passed since the songwriter’s last drop, but you’d never deem her out of practice with the craft. “Coast” gives the energy of a seasoned creative all the way, from rhythmic intro to lively chorus.

Of course, Steinfeld’s talents transcend your speaker set and headphones— Look up to the screen, and there she is. Following recent Peabody Award-winning role in AppleTV+’s hit show Dickinson and lead in Marvel’s Hawkeye, Steinfeld will be back in film next July, reprising the role of “Spider-Gwen” in Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.

Pop icon and film star that she is, Steinfeld didn’t do this one alone. Enlisting in the help of fellow artist Anderson .Paak, she worked to make the song a creative dream-come-true for both California natives. “Hailee is a good friend, and I was already a fan of her work on the big screen,” says the “Coast” feature. “When she played me “Coast” I was honestly in shock at how fire it was! You don’t hear too many pop records with an infectious groove like that. It’s a great summer song”.

Leaving us with a hopeful message for future releases, the artist reveals: “This is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to share the rest of what’s to come with you all soon.” In the meantime, it’s time to put “Coast” on repeat—It won’t be long before a new jam joins the party.

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