Hailey Bieber on Valentines Day and Her Après Sex Ensembles

V ran into Hailey Bieber at the Tunnel Nightclub where Zadig and Voltaire presented us with FW19 and their latest NBA collaboration.

The Zadig and Voltaire FW19 show was held at a building that had once housed Tunnel Nightclub, the home of NYC club kids in the 80’s and 90’s. In my early teens, I had my fake ID swiped by the bouncer while I was waiting on line, in the cold, wearing a tube top, skin-tight jeans, hoop earrings and glossy lips lined with Wet n Wild’s 666 liner.

The venue set the vibe as I reminisced how I would’ve given up my dog to get into the Sunday night Funkmaster Flex party, Mecca. Back then, it was Timbs and NBA jerseys for guys. For 2019, it’s the Cara Boots for girls and distressed NBA knit sweaters for all by Zadig and Voltaire.

If there’s one iconic couple that does a shared wardrobe and Aprés Sex ensembles the best, it’s the Biebers. For those unfamiliar, the Aprés Sex look is when you call in sick after cuddling for hours, order stir-fry on a Netflix binge and make love for hours because, well–Do we really care about what happens next in The House of Cards? You then decide to go for a walk and grab coffee, throwing on each others sweats and hoodies. Are Hailey and Justin not the epitome of this visual narrative caught by the paparazzi?

V ran into Hailey Bieber at the show where the model wore a more suited look, donning pieces from the FW19 runway with her hair done by Jen Atkins using Ouai’s latest release, Hair & Body Shine Mist–a buildable formula with diamond powder for that mirror like shine.

When you’re photographed, strolling around with your man, you have this après sex look. Do you and Justin have a shared wardrobe section?

Yeah, we do. We do share a lot of clothes because I really like boys clothes. And you know, I like things that are oversized. So what fits him perfectly is a little bit big on me so it works. And we can literally go back and forth on so many clothes.

Do you have any favorite pieces from Zadig and Voltaire that are classics in your wardrobe?

They do really good sweaters that I love.

Any plans for Valentine’s Day?

This is actually the first Valentine’s Day that I am in a relationship. Isn’t that so crazy? That’s the truth though, and (now) I’m married so… I don’t know, I think probably just keep it super chill.

In that case, any recommendations for singles?

It’s so not a big deal. Like honestly, get over it. It’s just one day. You’ll have your moment. I used to be like, so silly about Valentine’s Day. And I never took it seriously; I would always joke about it and say “wah… I’m single.” But it is so not a big deal. It will be over in 24 hours. Go out and eat food or something. I don’t know.

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