HAIM, The Sisterhood of Rock, Returns with Something to Tell You

HAIM, The Sisterhood of Rock, Returns with Something to Tell You

In V108, we sit down with the trio to discuss their new album, out today.

In V108, we sit down with the trio to discuss their new album, out today.

Photography: Paul Thomas Anderson

Text: William Defebaugh

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim, the triad of long-haired, California-raised sisters better known by their rock-and-roll moniker, Haim. After storming onto the scene in 2013 with their critically acclaimed debut album, Days Are Gone, the trio spent their time on the road, doing what they love most: playing shows.

“We all just want to play until our fingers bleed and blood comes out of our ears,” says Alana, the youngest of the three. “We really just love playing, so when Days Are Gone came out, we had the opportunity to tour the world with each other. I never thought we’d be to half the places that we’ve been to. We’ve been to Iceland!”

When Haim’s tour finished, they returned immediately to recording music. “We didn’t want to take any time off,” offers Alana. “We went straight into the studio. And when I say studio, I mean our parents’ house. We just dug in and started writing for the next record. We sat down in our living room, where we wrote the bulk of Days Are Gone, and started over. We really wanted to be in a familiar place, to get back into the mindset of where we were when we left. Our mom was making us PB&J sandwiches again, slicing up apples. We worked every day since we’ve been back.”

“Coming off of three years of touring we really felt we were the tightest we’ve ever been as a band, and we really tried to utilize those experiences,” says Danielle, the middle sister and lead vocalist.

The result is the group’s second studio album, Something To Tell You. Early releases like “Right Now” (which came with a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video) and “Want You Back” revealed that the girls really did pick up right where they left off, building on the signature sounds and themes they introduced with their first record.

“Something to Tell You is about communicating with people,” says Alana. “We’ve always been really bad at communication. It’s something to do with the times we live in. You have all these different means of communication—you can email, you can text, you can call...all these things—and yet you can’t tell anyone how you actually feel. You’re always in your head.”

“My sisters and I try to communicate through the music,” adds Este, the eldest. “That’s how we’ve kind of been able to therapeutically express ourselves, but then when it comes to it being out in the world, how does one communicate in 2017? How difficult is it? How easy?” While they may not have all the answers, one thing is abundantly clear: With Something to Tell You, these ladies have mastered their particular mode of speaking out.


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