HAIM Speaks On Summer Plans

HAIM Speaks On Summer Plans

HAIM Speaks On Summer Plans

Queue up Jaws, The Streets, and keep the cocktails cold.

Queue up Jaws, The Streets, and keep the cocktails cold.

Photography: Connor Franta

Styling: Chris Horan

This article appears in the pages of V125: Supermodel Summer, available to order now at shop.vmagazine.com.

V MAGAZINE Favorite summer blockbuster?

ALL: Clueless, Jaws, or Boogie Nights.

V What is the best thing about summer?

ALL: Day drinking.

V Most memorable summer?

ESTE: The time we played Glastonbury and the European festivals after our first record came out.

DANIELLE: The summer I spent in Venice, Italy.

ALANA: The summer after graduating high school...I never looked back!

V Summer survival tip?

ESTE: Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

DANIELLE: A bathing suit in your purse at all times.

ALANA: Don’t sit on your sunglasses.

V Can you tell us about your creative process when producing music these days?

ALL Waking up and trying to challenge ourselves each day to create something and not being too hard on ourselves if it’s not our most incredible idea.

V Is there a certain song or artist you've been listening to more, and/or "reconnected" with, over the course of self-quarantining measures?

ALL The Streets—excited about the new mixtape that’s coming out.

V Have you been feeling inspired during this time? Have you been tailoring your music a certain way? How so?

ALL It’s hard to find inspiration in anything in right now but we are trying to create every day.

V What role do you think music can play during a crisis such as this?

ALL For us, music has been super important during this time because it’s an escape. It can brighten our mood pretty quickly.

Alana wears Top Hanes, Necklace her own; Este wears Dress Commando, Earrings Tiffany & Co.; Danielle wears Top Re/Done, Earrings Tiffany & Co.; Skincare and makeup Clarins

Dress Boy Kloves[/caption]

Credits: Makeup Jenna Kristina (The Wall Group); Hair Ryan Richman (SWA); Photo assistant Jeff Robins; Stylist assistants Lauren Jeworski, Charlie Burke; Makeup assistant Daphne del Rosario; Hair assistant Alex Thao; Location Smashbox Studios


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