HAIM’s Newest Single Is For When You’re Really Going Through It

“Now I’m In It” is the bop you need when you’re feeling down.

HAIM has the latest song for when you’re your own worst enemy. Their newest single, “Now I’m In It,” produced by Rostam and Ariel Rechtshaid, is about the internal conflict between a person and their own mind, and who better to direct psychological turmoil than Paul Thomas Anderson. The acclaimed director imbues the trio’s new music video with his characteristic surreal edge, continuing his ongoing collaboration with the group.

The song, meanwhile, is a bright, organic ode to when you’re really going through it. Rostam, formerly of Vampire Weekend, has had his end in just about every hot, indie pop project this past year, and his touch shows through each light strum.

“Even when we’re writing about something dark or more serious, we like to tie it up in a bow so that there’s a bit of lightness to it,” Este Haim shared. “We want our music, and this song especially, to be the thing that helps you get through that rough time.”

In the video, the sisters make it through their drab day jobs, get carried on a stretcher, and even go through a car wash before finally arriving at where they want to be. “Now I’m In It” accompanies their earlier single “Summer Girl” as their first new releases since 2017’s Something to Tell You. We’ve missed you, HAIM, and we know it’s only going to get better.

Watch the video below: 

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