Halpern Celebrates Movement With SS22 Collection

In collaboration with the Royal Ballet, Halpern presents a film for SS22, showcasing a vibrant collection in a ballet performance.

If life is a dance, Halpern’s spring/summer 2022 collection is the joie de vivre.

In partnership with the Royal Ballet, the London-based label presented a short film debuting the collection, a celebration of modern dance and the extravagance of design with ballet dancers from the Royal Opera House modeling the season’s dresses in a series of performances.



Halpern’s collection is a breath of fresh air, a much-needed bright point of joy and delight in fashion. After so long indoors, restricted to sweatpants or pajamas, Halpern’s SS22 collection is a return to movement and a return to life, a vivid modern dance that is “exploring the polarity between fluidity and restriction” through garments teeming with delight.

In a vibrant palette, no look in the collection could be called “safe” or anything of the sort. Everything is about being loud and saturated, from a hot pink feathered gown to a round white mini dress mimicking a disco ball. 



The excellence in Halpern’s SS22 collection lies in the tactility of the garments, the uninhibited bodily movement and expression they allow. Flowy silhouettes mimic water, a cascading river down the body; sequins and feathers are abundant, adding texture to more standard shapes; tasse;ls and huge tiered ruffles make for statement looks, moving with the body and as their  own entity, extravagance turned up to the maximum.


Standout looks in the collection are those which emulate the idea of life and movement most ardently, exuding celebration and energy. A multi-colored gown with fringed tassels is certainly a highlight, alongside a baby pink, shapeless, feathered structure adorned with yellow and blue feathers, plus a fluffy white tulle dress with silky green bows.


With the spring/summer 2022 collection, Halpern does what great art does best: reminds us that we are alive, and that there is always joy to come from dark times.

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