Halsey Expands About-Face With “Made to Play” Makeup Brand AF94

Referred to as the “Bratty Younger Sister,” the new brand is more affordable and exclusively available at Walmart.

In 2021, Halsey entered the beauty world with About-Face. With a newfound love of makeup, the singer wanted to create a brand where the products focused on creativity instead of flawless Instagram-ready looks. With a series of bright graphic liners, bold lip products, and eye paints for every occasion, About-Face provides consumers with the tools to make their faces a work of art. Now, Halsey brings the same principles to a more affordable line with af94.

Halsey officially announced the brand on July 18 after making several teasers on Instagram. Labeled as the “cute bratty younger sister” to About-Face, af94 brings high-quality products to a more affordable market. The entire collection costs under $10 and has clean, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas, according to the brand’s Instagram. This new brand is more for the underdogs than the makeup gurus and encourages users to explore the world of makeup.

The collection gives consumers everything they could need to get started in the world of makeup. From eyeshadow crayons to colorful mascara, to lipgloss and face and body stickers, the 12-piece collection covers all the bases. Although the brand provides all the basics, they don’t fall short on color. Each product comes in classic shades, such as pinks and neutrals, but has a variety of experimental shades, such as purples, as well.

Af94 officially launches on July 25. All products are only available to shop at Walmart stores and on Walmart.com


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