Hamburg’s Montblanc Haus Honors 30 Years of Arts Patrons with New Exhibition

Temporary collection features decades of work, along with original illustrations by artist Nabil Nezzar

The Montblanc emblem represents all that is finely crafted and expertly written— Luxury pens, fine watches, you name it. For thirty years, Montblanc has recognized the great art patrons of the world, telling their stories through limited collections of fountain pens in their annual Patron of Art Edition. This year, the Maison presents temporary exhibition Montblanc Patron of Art—30 Years Celebration, featuring every edition of past collections and illustrations by artist Nabil Nezzar.

Collectors’ items, the art featured in Montblanc’s exhibition comes in the form of writing instruments: 4810 fountain pens that represent the life and cultural impact of the art patron. Their temporary home at Montblanc Haus in Hamburg, Germany, similarly represents a rich history of creative and technical innovation; It’s an immersive site for visitors to revel in the power of writing.

“Without these patrons of art, the cultural landscape would look very different through the centuries without the works of art they made possible,” says Alessandra Elia, Montblanc’s Writing Culture Director. “This edition is a Montblanc collector’s favorite, and it is very rare to have all these collectors’ pieces in one place at once to discover and enjoy”.

The exhibit may feature writing instruments as art, but that’s not all guests will find at the renowned destination. A series of illustrations by artist and illustrator Nabil Nezzar will also highlight patrons and their artistic contributions, including Madame Pompadour, Humbolt, and Borghese.

“I have always had a very personal connection to Montblanc,” says Nezzar. “Every year, my siblings and I used would save up money to purchase a Montblanc creation as a birthday gift for our father. It’s a memory that inspired the illustrations in this exhibition. I wanted to build a narrative into each of my artworks as intricate and imaginative as the stories my father told me when I was young”.

Montblanc Patron of Art– 30 Years Celebration will be at Montblanc Haus until end of 2022.

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