Happy Socks and Curtis Kulig Spread The Love

Focusing on the artist’s “Love Me” message, the two join forces in a set of installations and a collection of socks.

Curtis Kulig is the renowned artist behind the “Love Me” message, building himself quite the reputation in the art world. Amassing almost 40k followers on Instagram, he has a lot to show for it too. Taking his artistic prowess into account, Happy Socks sought Kulig for a second go-around at a collaboration for the brand.

Their collaboration is two-fold: a set of installations and a collection of socks designed by Kulig. The installations consisted of Kulig’s “Love Me” message on miniature pillows assembled into sculptures in ordinary places. The purpose is to show that love and happiness should be spread to every corner of the world, no matter how mundane. Kulig says, “The installations really capture the message to me. Each one feels alive, bursting and growing. just like ‘Love Me’, they’re contagious, spontaneous and fun.”

Their socks utilize Happy Socks signature BigDot pattern by combining it with Kulig’s “Love Me” design. Delivered in a limited edition 3-pack gift box, the socks come in red, green and blue varietals.

To talk about their collab, Curtis Kulig participated in an exclusive interview to answer some questions about his motivations and creative choices.

Your statement sentiment has over the years evolved into a tangible being with a life of its own, how did this impact the project in terms of the design of the product but also the creative direction of the campaign?

My first collaboration with Happy Socks was less literal. We composed a graphic which was non-pictorial and naturally became an original bespoke graphic. For this new collaboration, it’s less subtle, bolder, and uses the ‘Love Me’ Smiley. It’s all-encompassing. I think that’s part of the inspiration for the creative direction too- that it’s larger than life, that you can’t hide it, that it will pop out of nowhere and surprise you.

What do you have in common with the Happy Socks lifestyle and values?

I love simplicity but appreciate going overboard on the details. I think Happy Socks brings joy to something otherwise ordinary and that’s what makes the brand extraordinary.

You’re one of the most popular artists in the industry right now. Among other artists, magazines, and brands you’ve worked with, why did you decide to collaborate with Happy Socks?

I like good people who make good products. Victor who owns Happy Socks I have known since he started the company. He is warm and funny and vibrant and wants to make good ideas come to life and his team is the same way so collaborating on this project was a lot of fun.

You can purchase the “Happy Socks x Love Me” gift box here, and view Curtis Kulig’s installations and collaborative socks below.

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