Happy Socks X Pink Panther: Bringing The ’60s Back

Happy Socks and the legendary cartoon character, the Pink Panther, have teamed up to bring you a 1960’s aesthetic with a serious pink moment.

The Pink Panther, one of the most iconic characters in animation history, has teamed up with Happy Socks to bring to life an adventurous and colorful special edition collaboration. The famous cartoon character known to be a moral aristocrat, regularly combines mystery, adventure and fun. 

Happy Socks was inspired by the legendary Pink Panther to, “make the world a more colorful and fun place.” The designs of this collection focus around a strictly 1960’s aesthetic, uniting Happy Socks’ signature bright colors with the Pink Panther’s favorite color… you guessed it- pink! The socks’ style is a recreation of “the film’s transcendent debut as a tribute.” 

Set to launch September 10, the collab offers seven different pairs of “soft combed cotton crew socks.” Each style is available for purchase as either singles or in gift sets. Most of the designs can also be found on both men and women’s underwear, as well. 

Happy Socks X Pink Panther is filled with fun pinks, bright oranges and quirky yet creative designs. Each style title plays on the word pink, staying true to their tribute in every aspect in this soon-to-be notorious collection. Shoppers have their choice of exciting pairs to select, from “Pink a Boo” and “Say Pink,” to “Jet Pink,” and “Pink Panic.”  

Who doesn’t love an ultra pink moment? 

You can purchase the special edition “Happy Socks x Pink Panther” sets here.

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