Hari Nef and Yumi Nu Reflect on Real Love for Victoria’s Secret’s Mother’s Day Campaign

The two campaign stars discuss bonding with their mothers and sharing their stories with the lingerie giant.

For this Mother’s Day, Victoria’s Secret focuses on intergenerational bonds, calling on a group of iconic women, including Brooke Shields, Chanel Iman, Yumi Nu, Hari Nef, Abby Champion, Paloma Elsesser, and Lais Ribeiro, and their mothers, grandmothers, and children. Emotional and reflective, the campaign spotlights each family’s bond as they detail their unique experiences, embracing their unity and clashes as they discuss the philosophy of motherhood and the tribulations of a constantly changing bond as children grow into adolescence and adulthood. 

Here, Hari Nef and Yumi Nu give a closer look into the relationships with their mothers and sister, describing their presence as they work and develop their careers. 

V Magazine: How was the experience filming this campaign with your mother?

Hari Nef: I am lucky to have a mother I can take anywhere. One of the last times I saw her, we were at a house party at my friend’s place in LA, and she stayed until 1 AM! So going to work and doing this campaign with her and Victoria’s Secret was a joy. Whatever work ethic I have, I got from her.

Yumi Nu: It was the most wonderful experience because I was deeply surrounded by women I love and admire. Being amongst other incredible women with their own unique love for each other made it even more meaningful. It was so special to me to share the love I have for my mom and sister while on set with VS!

V: Do you think of yourself as a significant influence on your sister? How are you guys similar? Different? 

YN: As sisters, we are so lucky to be able to share advice and some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned along the way with one another. I try to provide that to my sister because I think it is ultimately one of the most valuable ways we show each other true love – being a positive influence. My sister and I have very different creative tastes in terms of how we are- but we’re similar in our humor and outlooks on life.

V: Hari, in the campaign video, you and your mother discuss how being a teenager was challenging; how has your relationship with your mom changed since then?

HN: When you’re a teenager, you desperately want to distinguish yourself from your family, but you’re too close to them to see how enmeshed you are. My mother and I have learned to meet each other where we are, separately and together, and we’ve never been closer to it.

V: What is the most vital advice your mother has given you as you grow into your career?

HN: To say “yes!”

YN: My mother has always been such a strong and loving presence in my life. Her support has translated into strength for me – she has taught me to persevere and remain confident throughout my career. This is one of the ultimate forms of love women can give one another. I couldn’t think of a perfect campaign than this one to show women how beautiful it is to have this kind of support in your life. Victoria’s Secret brought together a variety of women with so many amazing stories that emphasize this love in such unique ways, and we are so proud to have been able to be part of this message.


V: Given that the fashion industry has now opened its arms to accepting diverse faces and bodies, how does this representation differ from your mother’s experience growing up? Do you think she sees this shift in breaking boundaries through you?

YN: I absolutely love that the fashion industry now embraces diversity because I think it is the truest representation of what it means to be beautiful. We are all different – and it is so important to celebrate the beauty of that. This may not have been the case in my mother’s experience growing up, but today, I am proud to say that this industry is evolving. It is an honor to be a part of this change by having my mother and sister by my side throughout this campaign. Our unique love, along with the amazing women that Victoria’s Secret has presented, really captures what it means to be yourself – and that is beautiful.

V: What is a characteristic of your mother that you see in yourself?

HN: Both of us love big, dream big, go big, or we go home. And together, I think we’re learning to appreciate the small things too.

YN: I think my mother is incredibly loving – and she shows it in so many ways. Whether through solid support, being my biggest cheerleader, or simply listening to me – I have no doubt that she loves me beyond measure. I see that in myself because I feel that same love for my family, friends, and myself. I do my best to love like my mom.


Paloma Elsesser with her mother Anedra, and grandmother Audrey Shockley
Brooke Shields and her daughter Grier Henchy
Chanel Iman and her daughters Cali and Cassie
Lais Ribero and her son Alexandre


Counter-clockwise from bottom right: Abby Champion, her mother Laura, and her sister Baskin

Watch Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Real Love’ below

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