What began as a motorcycle company in 1903, has grown into a multifaceted brand that has forged its own name in the world of fashion. Today, Harley Davidson’s vintage pieces have become some of the most coveted items for collectors and fashion lovers alike. Even without a bike, one can certainly appreciate the rugged and timeless feel of Harley’s designs. Authorized Vintage by Harley Davidson is a highly regarded collection of rare H-D Apparel, resurfacing some of the brand’s most unique designs. The collection is rich with the history of Harley Davidson, telling stories of wild adventure, rebellion, and American spirit. The astonishingly well-preserved garments act as a time capsule, returning the classic styles to their former glory, and allowing the world to appreciate the brand’s designs in a new light. 

Courtesy of Harley Davidson | H-D Collections

Authorized Vintage now brings us another amazing line with the Champion x Harley-Davidson archives. Champion, like Harley, is a longtime staple in American sportswear, revered for its great history and innovative design. The brand encompasses the same values, integrity, and dedication that Harley Davidson has implemented in their label. Together the two have produced dynamic pieces that capture the quintessential American look.

The curation showcases the incredible designs these two brands have launched together as far back as the 1950s. It truly is a magnificent collection that showcases the meticulous design and detailed craftsmanship that makes both these labels so iconic. From patched jackets to racing shirts and muscle tees, Authorized Vintage has sourced fun and adventurous pieces that highlight the brand’s longevity and significance in American culture. These rare finds are a worthy addition to any vintage collection. Whether you are a serious collector or looking for a new staple item to add to your wardrobe, the line provides a wide array of styles that satisfy any goal.

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