HARLOE Debuts Music Video for "One More Chance"

HARLOE Debuts Music Video for "One More Chance"


HARLOE Debuts Music Video for "One More Chance"

Photography: Kate Biel

Text: Brooke Kushwaha

Just ahead of her upcoming EP Rivers Run Dry, Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter HARLOE has just released the video for her single “One More Chance.” The single, HARLOE describes, is a song about desperation and longing, and the drive to keep salvaging something irreversible.

“The writing process of the song started with that piano melody you hear in the beginning, which made me wanna follow it with the vocal,” she explains. “The feeling and concept of it came with this natural yearning I had to try and fix something that was most likely broken while I was making this project In London. I wanted to write about that feeling of longing, where you feel like you’d run to the ends of the world to save this thing you care about so much.”

The video opens with HARLOE in her element, sitting at a piano, but the space opens up to her increasingly dynamic choreography. The emotion unfolds with bold lights and color bouncing off her sequin pants as she immerses herself in the vast space. HARLOE describes the inspiration behind the video as a journey continuous from beginning to end.

“The video for “One More Chance” is the internal dialogue of the song itself, told through dance,” she says. “I wanted to use lights and movement to tell this story in a clear and simple way. The journey of the video happens all in one place and ends, still, just like how it began, which is what the song feels like to me too.”

Although HARLOE has made a name for herself as a songwriter and producer, her upcoming EP shows off a different side of her creative expertise. She’s collabed with big names such as Kelly Clarkson, Charli XCX, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears—but her latest project takes inspiration from nineties R&B and her own experiences in heartbreak.

HARLOE’s background in classical piano lends a refined elegance to her pop bombast, and it’s that balance of strong musical foundation and innovative production technique that puts the artist in a league of her own. Whether you’ve known it or not, you’ve probably rocked out to HARLOE’s work before. Get ready to hear her unadulterated.


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