Harry Styles Explores His Individuality in New Single: “Lights Up”

Watch him share intimate dances in a bacchanal and joyride on the back of a moped in the music video.

Two years after his last solo release, Harry Styles is back on the grid with a new single “Lights Up” and an explorative music video to accompany. Produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon, the track explores the adored singer’s individuality and lands as the first song on his highly-anticipated forthcoming album. 

The fancifully introspective single manifests Styles’ clarity in his personal identity. Having found solace in the spotlight, the famed heartthrob claims that he’s “never coming back down” in the opening lyrics. At the peak of the chorus, Styles begs the question, “Do you know who you are?” and embarks on a melodious endeavor of self-exploration. Content with life in the limelight and satisfied with his current well-being, Styles sings, “It’d be so sweet if things just stayed the same”. Maximizing the time he has now, the solo artist presents a new, authentically carefree identity in the song’s music video. 

In the video’s opening scene, a liberated and shirtless Harry Styles runs a hand through his hair before entering a bacchanal where he dances with an eclectic group of barely-clothed individuals. Showcasing comfort in his sexual freedom, Styles engages with both men and women as he stands confidently in the center of each empowering shot. A red light casts over the next scene where the R&B-leaning singer rides hands-in-the-air on the back of a moped and takes in the euphoria of the moment. Styles then looks up into the red light as he recognizes his overwhelming amount of fame, singing with a tranquil cadence as he’s now certain of his individuality. Bouncing back and forth between scenes of intimacy among dancers and solitude under the light, the music video is a celebration of Harry Styles’ personal journey of self-discovery.

Prior to releasing the track last night, Styles was promoting his cryptic website DoYouKnowWhoYouAre.com where fans can enter their name and receive a randomized compliment from the singer, followed by “TPWK. Love, H”. On top of a slew of ambiguous tweets and a number of enigmatic billboards showing up around different cities, the mystery is heightening fans’ excitement as the release of his album feels soon to come. As “Lights Up” presents a modern Harry Styles, the rest of the album is sure to complete the star-studded singer’s new identity. 

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