Harry Styles Has Musically Arrived on His New Album Fine Line

On his sophomore album, the artist reveals a deeper glimpse into his singular talent and undeniable mystique.

Upon reflection, it’s clear that 2019 has been the year of and for budding movers-and-shakers to fully emerge as the vanguard that’s officially inheriting the legacy of their chosen craft. Arguably the most anticipated album of the year, Harry Styles has finally released his full-length sophomore effort Fine Line that generously reveals a deeper glimpse into his singular talent and undeniable mystique, further cementing his roots as the rock star of his generation.

Unlike his eponymous debut album, here, Styles paints what it means to dive headfirst into a journey of playful passion followed by the unexpected seriousness that follows in circumstances of sublime connection with another person and with himself.

Photography by Tim Walker / Styling by Harry Lambert

“Golden” and the previously released tracks “Watermelon Sugar”, “Adore You”, and “Lights Up” establish a funk-infused tone and embellishes on the often waif yet admirably-delusional escapist mindset music often transports its listeners. Then, without any warning, the stripped-down “Cherry” fires a blow right to the chest and knocks any perception you may have had of Styles’ ability to convey honest truth and commandment through word and production. Inviting us back to the dance floor, “Sunflower, Vol. 6”, “Canyon Moon”, and “Treat People With Kindness” beam with festival energy and the invisible camaraderie that forms when listening to music with another individual.

Closing out the album, the title track “Fine Line” shapes the most complex look at the superstar to date. Writing a sort of letter to himself, Styles croons: 

Put a price on emotion / I’m looking for something to buy / You’ve got my devotion / But man, I can hate you sometimes / I don’t want to fight you / And I don’t want to sleep in the dirt / We’ll get the drinks in / So I’ll get to thinking of her

…Followed by manifesting a commitment with himself to proudly be exactly who he is: a fine line. A lesson in learning that generously loving oneself takes time and that that may be the greatest journey of all.

Stream Fine Line below:



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